We're about to start Season 4: Get your recap of how we got to here!

In 2013, Knapps Creek Trout Lodge, LLC, was just an idea of the Pocahontas County raised, WVU Alum, fly fisherman and trout enthusiast, Mark Mitchell. Having built an exterior renovation company and raised a family in Northern Virginia, Mark set his sights on a business nearer to his roots. Utilizing his childhood home, designed by his Mother and built in 1973, along Knapps Creek as an idyllic mountain retreat- offering the comforts of fluffy beds and big fires, home cooked meals that reflect local heritage, and fantastic fly fishing opportunities. A place where family and friends could gather to reconnect with each other and the natural landscape. 

In early 2014 called his daughter, Anne Mitchell, who had recently graduated from WVU with a BS in Sport & Exercise Psychology with an emphasis on positive outdoor recreation participation in 2012. Alongside, Mark Hengemihle, WVU College of Business 2013 and fellow outdoor enthusiast, they were located in Teton Valley, ID, after years traveling between West Virginia and the coasts of North Carolina, working in the outdoor tourism industry both as certified snowboard instructors and in the Summer, Anne as a kayak eco-tour guide with Coastal Explorations, Mark with the rental property company Twiddy Realty. 

In his call, Mark M pitched the combination of their unique experiences to create Knapps Creek Trout Lodge; he would assist on putting the plan into action if they would lead the charge. Anne and Mark H returned back East in search of a new kind of adventure. In March 2015, Knapps Creek Trout Lodge opened to the public. Under the leadership of Mark M, the trio had formed a small contracting company and tackled local projects while building their own. Anne and the Marks worked to improve the amenities inside the Lodge, expand structures on the property, reestablish the gardens, and a spot in the community. After two years of advising, Mark Mitchell returned to his home in Fairfax, Virginia while Anne and Mark Hengemihle run the Lodge. He does still frequent the Lodge coming in on the country roads to hit the water and unwind. 

Entering its 4th year in business, KCTL provides the original mountain retreat while collaborating with local producers to expand and improve the quality of that experience. We focus on creating a friendly and welcoming fly fishing environment where youth, female, and male participants of all types can feel comfortable. We continuously strive to provide the right support necessary for guests to be successful relaxers & adventurers: whether it’s reading, resting, fishing, hiking, biking, or birding! 

Come & see for yourself.  Now taking reservations for 2018; see you in March!